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Our Accredited Pathology

Laverty Pathology is a highly comprehensive medical laboratory & pathology practice. It has patient and laboratory collections centers across NSW & ACT. We are focused on delivering enhanced insights into health outcomes for more Australians. We have proved our mettle in this space; our mission is intertwined with our heritage and foundations. There is no doubt about the fact that we are leaders in this space.

We have an impressive team of more than 2000 specialist pathologists, scientists, PhDs, phlebotomists, couriers & support personnel that partner with our referring doctors and help in improving the patient care experience.

  • We place every doctor’s needs before all else
  • Are unquestionably committed to maintaining quality
  • It is our goal to improve each patient’s care

While we are headquartered in Macquarie Park located in Sydney, our lab has in excess of 20 labs & 400 collection centers; all these centers are strategically situated in ACT, regional NSW and metropolitan Sydney.


These hydrogen/methane breath tests are very specific and highly sensitive tools that are used to diagnose FODMAP malabsorption. When it comes to IBS symptoms, they are considered to be the first line interventions in the workup that are carried out in the diagnosis of this condition. They are recommended before dietary intervention and are ideal for the guidance of dietary management in patients. Breath tests very effectively avoid all unnecessary food restrictions as well as any negative effects on the gut microflora5.

Lactose & fructose breath-testing and are very standard in patients that have IBS and these tests should ideally be performed first. It’s also important that testing for the malabsorption of sugars such as sucrose, sorbitol and mannitol should be done for patients who have normal breath tests for lactose and fructose. They can be considered even if there is no improvement with the restriction of lactose or fructose intake.

It is also recommended that lactulose and glucose malabsorption tests be done when suspected small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is being investigated. All the patients that have positive breath test results should then be referred to a trained dietician who will instruct the patient about a low FODMAP diet. If any abnormalities show up on breath testing, these can then be used to design tailor-made dietary intervention; this helps the patient get the least restrictive diet possible. For most patients, a 4-week dietary trial with a reduced FODMAP intake is enough to improve symptoms.

Paternity DNA test- Peace of Mind

Every child inherits genetic material that’s called DNA from both his/her biological parents

All children inherit genetic material called DNA from both their biological parents. DNA is present right through the body in an identical form. During the course of the tests, the child’s DNA will first be compared to the mother’s DNA. All the characteristics that match will first be set to one side; the characteristics that were inherited from the father will be left aside. Those characteristics will then be compared and with one DNA sample from the child’s father. If no inherent characteristics are present, the one who provided the sample is excluded. In case there is a match, we will then calculate the probability of the man being the biological father.

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We're located at
7-9 Gibbons Street Redfern

Opposite Redfern train station