Antenatal shared care
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Antenatal shared care

If you are pregnant, it’s obvious you will want to choose the best clinic to have your baby. The first thing you have to know is what your maternity care options are. The type of birth you want will be dependent on whether the pregnancy is high/low risk one; this will decide the kind of care you will require. The type of maternity care you opt for will have a direct impact on the choices & options available to you at the point of labour, and post childbirth.

If you want to have a natural/vaginal birth, then you should look at all the options available that will support you to achieve that. I case you have some medical condition that requires any special care, then you will have to choose a specialist that will support you to ensure a positive experience- this can make a huge difference in what you feel about the childbirth experience. Here we have presented information related to the different types of maternity care available in Australia.

The options of care in each state will be different; even within a certain state; there could be a difference in the choices that we have outlined below. It’s very important that you choose the option that is best suited to your circumstances and needs. For most of the checkups required during pregnancy & after the birth of your baby, you will have to visit your GP or any other GP.

Apart from this, at certain stages of your pregnancy, you will have to see the doctors and midwives at the hospital at which you will have your baby. This is referred to as shared care. All practitioners don’t offer shared care. The ones who want to, have to undergo additional training to get their accreditation as GP shared care providers. Shared care can be quite a useful choice in case it’s not possible for you to attend hospital visits or in case you reside in a remote or rural area.

Shared Care- The popular choice

Shared Care at Citydoc Medical Centre is becoming increasingly popular amongst women that have a low-risk pregnancy. We work closely with a team including midwifes & obstetricians and this helps you get seamless care while you are pregnant. We also have extensive experience in the area of fertility advice and can provide services such as pre conception counselling, testing and advice. At our medical centre we welcome parents, male, female, same/single sex couples and we can help you with the best advice and choices around assisted fertility and conception options.

After the birth of your baby, we are also happy to extend help with all your baby’s checkups ad health needs. Our expert share GPs have vast experience with providing the best care for babies, small children, right up to teens. You only have to call us and fix an appointment with one of our expert shared care GPs. We assure you of the best care at all times.

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We're located at
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