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Consultations at Citydoc Medical Centre are by appointment or Walk ins.

You can either book a consultation or walk-in for one, at Citydoc Medical Centre. When you’re booking an appointment, you only have to inform the staff at the reception about the doctor you would prefer to consult.

Our consultation timings are - 8.00am to late Monday-Friday.

Online appointment bookings are only for short, 10 minute consultations

If you need to book appointment for Skin Procedures, Skin Checks, Papsmears or any other procedure, you would have to book a longer appointment over the phone.

Your first appointment will only be a standard appointment. The doctor will first advise you whether you need further longer appointments. If you have any urgent medical problem, do let our reception staff know. We’ll do our level best to give you an earlier appointment.

Our doctors aim to be fastidious and maintain their appointment schedules; however the nature of the medical work is such that it’s not possible for us to guarantee punctual consultations. We request you to keep provision for some extra time; you could call us around 30 minutes prior to your appointment to check whether the appointment will take place as scheduled.

Waiting Times

We trust you understand that delays can sometimes occur due to certain circumstances beyond our control and we sincerely thank you for your patience. These delays may occur due to emergencies or even during peak periods where there is a larger number of patients that need our medical assistance.


When we have walk-in patient, if possible, they are fit into our existing schedule; alternatively, our receptionist will give them an appointment date and they will then be asked to come in at a later date or later on that same day, as the schedule permits.


Our management requests as a courtesy to the doctor you are consulting & the other patients, you provide sufficient notice in case you are unable to make it for your appointment. This will allow us to give that appointment slot to some other patient that needs it. If you still need to come in for an appointment the next day, we request you to call us and speak with our reception staff.


We recommend that in accordance with best practices, if your doctor sends you for certain investigations it’s the responsibility of every patient to make the follow up appointment to discuss the test results. In order to protect your confidentiality & to maintain high levels of patient care, our nursing staff will not give out any results over the phone. Even when the results are normal and you want to discuss them, we request you to make an appointment; this will ensure you receive the best understanding about your health and it ensures you receive the best medical care too.

Note that if your test results require urgent review, your doctor or the Citydoc administrative or nursing staff will contact you as soon as the result is seen. However, the responsibility to return for a review of the testresults rests with you.

Call now: (02)8399-5320

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Mon-Fri: 8am - 6pm

Sat: 9am - 1pm

Phone: 02 8399 5320

Fax: 02 8399 5317

We're located at
7-9 Gibbons Street Redfern

Opposite Redfern train station