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Psychology in Redfern and Sydney CBD

If you suffer from any mental health issue such as anxiety/depression, you should know that in this age a number of people suffer from similar issues. As per reports from the ABS, almost 1 in five Australians in the 16-85 years age group suffer from some or the other mental health problems in a given year. Your mental state has a significant impact on the way you think, feel, sleep and function. Apart from this, it can also have an impact on a number of other factors such as your heart health as well as your ability to manage other health conditions.

In case you are worried about any type of mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, post natal depression, addictions, panic attacks, phobias, stress/relationship issues, do feel free to speak with one of our expert doctors for advice. It is crucial that you get help in time. Most of the doctors on our team have additional training and special interest in the field of mental health & psychology. We can also offer counselling, advice & referral as required and you can then consult other healthcare professionals such as mental health counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrist and social workers.

The process we follow

We have highly experienced clinical psychologists at Citydoc Medical Centre. Some patients might be eligible for a mental healthcare plan as well as medicare rebates for these psychological services. Many patients wonder whether they will be able to go directly to a psychologist to get the treatment they need. There are certain modalities that have to be followed. You will first have to be referred by your General Practitioner. They will first conduct an assessment & then prepare a Mental Health Care Plan. This will have to be done prior to referring you to any psychologist.

Under the Medicare rebate initiative, those who are eligible can receive up to 10 sessions in any calendar year (Jan 1st- Dec 31st). The referring doctor will first assess how your progress is post the 1st six sessions. Once you’ve reached the maximum number of these allowable sessions for any given calendar year you won’t be eligible for any additional Medicare rebates for the treatment you receive from the psychologist until the next calendar year.

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We're located at
7-9 Gibbons Street Redfern

Opposite Redfern train station