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Medically Managed Weight Loss

Diet & exercise are an excellent way to go if you are trying to lose some weight. It goes without saying that it will also help you to have your doctor providing you guidance, advice and support along the way. Your doctor will know about what the scientifically proven and most effective weight loss options will be- this includes medications, lifestyle and surgery. All it needs is a step on the scale for your doctor and you to decide which approach will be best suited to you.

Why take your doctor’s help?

Only your doctor knows exactly what your health history is and how it impacts your current health. In many ways, this makes him/her the most motivated and qualified person to help you reduce the risks and reach your goals. The one way to start off on the right foot on your weight loss journey is to consult with your doctor and get the right direction and advice.

Your doctor will also offer an evidence-based approach to your weight loss. There are a number of weight loss gimmicks and fad diets that claim to be effective. A medically crafted weight loss plan is very different from these as it will have a solid science base that makes it achievable; what is probably even more important is that it also becomes more maintainable. The treatment plan that will be crafted for you will be based on exactly how overweight/obese you are the condition of your overall health as well as your levels of motivation. The latter is very important as that will decide exactly how you incorporate changes into your lifestyle & complete the treatment program.

The best way to talk to your doctor

It’s best to use the self-assessment tools and then complete our quick quiz. You then have to print out the results, take them to your Citydoc doctor and that helps get the conversation kick-started. Apart from this, give a thought to which questions you will be asking your doctor during the consultation and what questions the doctor will ask you. When you come in for the consultation and are providing information to your doctor, it’s important that you be completely honest with him, about how concerned you are about your health, your commitment levels etc. the different things your doctor will ask you about are:

  • Your general health
  • Previous weight loss attempts
  • Medical history
  • Why you think you struggle to lose weight
  • What you normally eat
  • The amount of physical activity you have
  • Your weight loss goals

You might want to ask the doctor about any possible health risks to you related to weight, the treatment options available and the duration for which the treatment will continue. It’s important for you to understand that you have to be realistic and set achievable weight-loss goals for yourself. Your itydoc weight loss expert will ensure that you get all the encouragement and guidance you need to help you achieve a healthy body weight.

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We're located at
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