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Workers Compensation and Work related injuries

A workers compensation policy typically covers an employer's workers in case any of them suffer work-related illness or injury. The policy covers the medical/related-treatment costs and includes:

  • Treatment by medical practitioners
  • Chiropractors
  • Physiotherapists
  • Osteopaths
  • Psychologists
  • Exercise physiologists
  • Other allied health practitioners
  • Counsellors
  • Remedial massage therapists
  • Provision of artificial aids
  • Nursing
  • Domestic assistance services
  • Medical & medicine supplies (those provided outside of any hospital treatment)

Citydoc doctors have a very clear role in this injury management process; it includes:

  • Diagnosis, primary care & coordination of the medical treatment
  • Establishing (in their opinion) whether the patient’s diagnosis does/doesn’t correlate with the person’s injury as described by him/her
  • Reviewing the medical condition of the injured worker
  • Liaising either with the employer/employer’s representative to facilitate the injured worker’s maintenance in/ his return to work
  • Referring for any workplace rehabilitation assistance wherever required
  • Reporting certain specific industrial diseases to WorkSafe; this has to be done within 14 days of the 1st consultation with that injured worker.

It’s not the role of the treating doctor to determine whether the claim of the worker who has come in for treatment, is actually valid under the existing Workers’ Compensation & Injury Management Act 1981. The medical opinion that the doctor gives, has to be restricted to whether this patient’s medical condition may have resulted from the specific incident that the worker is reporting and their inability to perform all their work duties (i.e.-full capacity for work, some capacity for work or no capacity for any work).

Doctors play a very crucial role within the existing workers compensation system. Their medical opinions can help workers to return quickly to employment, either in their previous/alternative

The doctor's opinion can actually be the difference between the worker’s WorkCover claim being accepted/rejected, or even an injured worker receiving his or her weekly payments/their payments ceasing.

Workers who have been injured in their workplace & require initial and/or any ongoing medical assistance, should also choose their own doctor for this particular assistance. This doctor is referred to as the "treating doctor" (and is most likely the patient’s own GP). This doctor can help the worker return to work in these ways:

  • Discuss the restrictions for the worker & explain which of the tasks the worker can & cannot perform in the workplace
  • Confirm the total number of hours the worker should perform right through a given day or during the week during the course of the recovery period
  • Confirm at what regularity an injured worker should take breaks
  • Confirm exactly how much time the worker should have off of his work post the injury/ surgery
  • Confirm whether the restrictions are permanent/whether the worker should first fully recover over a certain period of time
  • Confirm whether that worker is suffering from any psychological illness post the workplace incident
  • Record all the above information on the WorkCover Medical Certificate
  • Help with management of the ongoing pain
  • Confirm whether that worker requires any help around the house & garden due to the injury
  • Confirm whether that worker should also be referred to other specialists for further examination etc

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We're located at
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